Virtual pinball (pincab).

Digital Pinball (Pincab) Legends Pinball Micro
Digital Pinball (Pincab) Legends Pinball Micro
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Compact Home Digital Pinball Platform featuring authentic flippers and nudges. Easy set up. 
50 Tables built-in including Zaccaria's deluxe tables, TAITO's Space Invaders™, Bubble Bobble™ & Arkanoid™, and so much more! 
Immersive Pinball Experience 15.6” HD LCD Playfield, 8” LCD Backglass, stereo speakers, haptic feedback, and nudge sensor. Stunning 1080p HD visuals and 60fps pinball gameplay.
BYOG™ is the AtGames cloud gaming service. Play your PC games library on the Legends Pinball Micro. 
16GB system storage for enhanced performance.
Menus exclusively in English.
Dimensions: 59.95 x 31.4 x 57.5 cm

Digital Pinball (Pincab) Legends Pinball
Digital Pinball (Pincab) Legends Pinball
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The first affordable Pincab (digital pinball machine) has arrived!
Its format is a little more compact than a traditional pinball machine, however nothing has been neglected to reproduce the gaming experience as closely as possible:
- 2 LCD screens: 32-inch playfiled (60 images per second), 15-inch front panel.
- Adjustable feet.
- Recessed playfield glass pane.
- Genuine spring loaded ball launcher.
- Tactile feedback and accelerometer (watch out for tilt!).
- Integrated stereo speakers.
- Connected pinball machine: feature updates, game broadcasting, online leaderboards, online competitions and more.
Dimensions: 161.5 (height) x 107 (length) x 48 (width) cm.

Arcade Control Panel for Pinball Legends
Arcade Control Panel for Pinball Legends
Transform your atgames pinball legends pinball machine into an arcade machine and enjoy ArcadeNet games (subscription required) directly on your pincab!
Complete panel equipped with a joystick with octagonal guide, 6 buttons and a trackball to enjoy breakout type games such as the arkanoid license or the tempest type.
Please note: no games are supplied with this equipment.