Digital Pinball (Pincab) Pinball Legends
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Digital Pinball (Pincab) Pinball Legends

The first affordable Pincab (digital pinball machine) has arrived!

Its format is a little more compact than a traditional pinball machine, however nothing has been neglected to reproduce the gaming experience as closely as possible:

- 2 LCD screens: 32-inch playfiled (60 images per second), 15-inch front panel.

- Adjustable feet.

- Recessed playfield glass pane.

- Genuine spring loaded ball launcher.

- Tactile feedback and accelerometer (watch out for tilt!).

- Integrated stereo speakers.

- Connected pinball machine: feature updates, game broadcasting, online leaderboards, online competitions and more.

Dimensions: 161.5 (height) x 107 (length) x 48 (width) cm.


€833.25 Tax excluded

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Online features:

With ArcadeNet® and BYOG ™ (Bring Your Own Game) features, you have access to many more games and features. ArcadeNet® allows you to instantly play a growing selection of games, play online access high score leaderboards. BYOG ™ lets you play your digital PC games with the unique display and controls of Legends Arcade Platform. With APL ™ (Arcade Play Link) functionality, you can connect a variety of HDMI, Bluetooth and USB devices or even consoles to access even more content. With AtGames Leagues Leaderboards ™ (ALL), the leading event destination and high score tracker for the Legends home arcade product line, you can view active or upcoming events, solo or on the go. team, as well as records and your position in the leaderboards for a growing selection of legendary games.

You can also broadcast your games on the most popular platforms.

15 inch
32 inch
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