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Brook Super Converter XBOX One / 360 to Switch package
Brook Xbox One-360 to Switch Converter
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Brook Super Converter XBOX One / 360 to Switch. Use your Xbox One / 360 controllers on Switch by connecting them to the adapter using a USB cable. Not PC compatible.
Brook joystick handle 35mm - beech wood
Brook Balltop 35mm - Beech wood
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Balltop for 35mm joystick with dust cover in beech wood from Brook . Atypical and very high quality product: Selected premium quality wood, crushed, pulverized with an environmentally friendly waterproof coating. Re-ground, laser engraved, re-waterproofed, polished. Sweat resistant, non-slip. Ideal for giving a truly vintage touch to your arcade projects. Package contents: 35mm Balltop Dust cover
Brook UFB-UP5 - PS5
Brook UFB-UP5 - Playstation 5 upgrade kit
Additional card for the universal fighting board from Brook.
With this add-on, upgrade your universal fighting board and make it compatible with the Playstation 5 (PS5) !
Package contents:

- JST connector for universal fighting board card without connectors.
- cables
Brook Wingman NS converter
Brook Wingman NS converter
Brook Super converter Wingman XB.
Use your PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox (Elite, 360, One, Serie X, Serie S), Sega Astro city mini, Megadrive mini, Switch Pro controllers on Switch or PC (X-input).