Arcade Legends Ultimate
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Arcade Legends Ultimate Cabinet - 300 Games

LEGENDS ULTIMATE Arcade Terminal from AtGames.

300 built-in arcade games.

Easy assembly in 20 minutes flat!

Dimensions: 169 x 75 x 55 cm.

Complete panel with in addition to 6 buttons per player a trackball and spinners to play arkanoïd properly for example! Also possible to connect Xbox ONE or PS4 controllers.

Play more retro games by subscribing to atgames ArcadeNet game service or stream your games from Steam, Uplay, Origin ...


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The Legends Ultimate Arcade Cabinet, a full-scale scalable arcade machine designed for the whole family!

Pushing the limits of the Legends Gamer stick, the Legends Ultimate Arcade Edition is a life-size arcade cabinet Extend the retro experience through Arcade Net * or play your own games thanks to the BYOG ** service!

You will find pleasure in playing on the terminal, whatever your age, your skill level or your passions. With cloud gaming features, hundreds of included titles, access to countless resources, online features, quality joysticks and buttons, and custom game integration options, you can play your favorite games just the way you do. wish it on this amazing new platform. Develop your own apps and games with an open API and SDK allowing easy customization by third-party developers.

HDMI / USB devices

Add your own games via USB keys using the HDMI / USB connectors located on the front left of the control panel and also connect your XBox One and PS4 wired controllers!

Online features

Discover many online features on your Legends Ultimate: find your favorite PC games with the AtGames app and stream your game library directly from Steam, Epic Games, Uplay, Origin, Blizzard, etc., using your own computer.

Classic commands

Ultimate Legends allow two players to play. Each player will be able to benefit from two joysticks and 6 action buttons . You also have a trackball to move easily through the menus and can connect Xbox ONE or PS4 controllers to USB to play your favorite games with the controller.

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