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UMSA - Ultimate SCART Adapter - scart connector
UMSA - Ultimate SCART Adapter
UMSA connects your computer or raspberry pi to a CRT TV via the RGB Scart interface.
It converts the 15Khz RGBHV signal coming from the VGA input to a 15Khz RGBS signal on the scart socket.
WARNING: your computer must be able to produce a 15Khz signal from its VGA output, this adapter does not convert a 31 or 60Khz VGA signal to 15Khz.
For the audio part, 2 RCA sockets to be connected to the source allow the signal to be injected into the scart socket.
It is also necessary to provide a 5V jack power supply for the power supply of the adapter.
Pi2Jamma V2 Premium
Pi2Jamma V2 Premium
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The Pi2Jamma V2 Premium card will allow you to connect your raspberry Pi 3 or 4 directly to the JAMMA comb of your terminal. No other adapter/converter is needed.
The supplied audio cable allows the recovery of sound on the raspberry pi.
See detailed features below.
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